Friend Request 2016 Movie Download HD DVDRip Torrent

Friend Request 2016 Movie Download HD DVDRip Torrent

Friend Request (German title: Unfriend) is a horror film directed by Simon Verhoeven. With a screenplay by Matthew Ballen, Philip Koch and Verhoeven, the film stars Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, Brit Morgan, Brooke Markham, Sean Marquette, and Liesl Ahlers.

The film was released on 7 January 2016 in Germany by Warner Bros. Pictures, and is expected to be released in the Canada and the United States on October 7, 2016 by Freestyle Releasing.[3][4

Friend Request 2016 Movie Download HD DVDRip Torrent

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Matthew Ballen
Philip Koch
Simon Verhoeven
Alycia Debnam-Carey
William Moseley
Connor Paolo
Brit Morgan
Brooke Markham
Sean Marquette
Liesl Ahlers
Music by Gary Go
Cinematography Jo Heim
Edited by
Denis Bachter
Felix Schmerbeck
Tom Seil
Wiedemann & Berg Film
SevenPictures Film
Two Oceans Productions
Distributed by Warner Bros. (Germany)
Freestyle Releasing (USA)
Release dates
7 January 2016 (Germany)
20 April 2016 (UK)
7 October 2016 (North America)
Running time
92 minutes[1]
Country Germany
Language English
Box office $5.7 million[2]

One day, Laura receives a friend request from “Marina”, a girl she barely knows, but nevertheless accepts it and begins a relationship with the lonely girl online and outdoors. However, when Laura shares a picture of herself at her birthday dinner, the jealous and confused Marina angrily confronts Laura at college publicly before she is stopped by security and taken away, vowing revenge on Laura.Laura is one of the most popular students in college and enjoys her life and family. She is active on social networksand especially likes sharing things about herself with over 800 of her friends on Facebook.

That night, Marina commits suicide via a live webcam video she sends to Laura due to the fact that Laura unfriended her off her Facebook page. Soon after, Laura finds herself stalked by Marina’s demonic spirit and threatening to make her “lonely” after taking over her Facebook page in order to remain friends… forever. The spirit kills off laura’s friends one by one while posting videos of each friends death on lauras facebook page showing all her friends while her friends count goes down from the videos laura is unable to delete anything or delete her account as the spirit has


Originally titled Unknown Error, the film was later renamed to Friend Request internationally, to avoid confusion with the 2014 film Unfriended.[5] In Germany, the film is titled Unfriend, since Unfriended was released as Unknown User in Germany.[citation needed]


The film was shot in Cape Town, South Africa. Though the film was produced by German director Simon Verhoeven and German production companies, the largely English-speaking cast required the film to be shot in English. Filming ended in March 2014.[6]


The film was released in Germany on 7 January 2016.[7] The film was picked up by Freestyle Releasing in January 2016 and is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of 2016.[3] It’s scheduled to be released on October 7, 2016.


Critical response

The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes gives the film an approval rating of 33%, based on 15 reviews, with an average rating of 4.2/10.[8]

Friend Request 2016 Movie Download HD DVDRip Torrent

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Friend Request 2016 Movie Download HD DVDRip Torrent

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